“Change your diet”

Allow me to share with you a short story which I uncovered in a Neville Goddard lecture about his childhood.

As a young boy growing up on a farm they had many animals; chickens, ducks, cattle etc. At the time fish was in abundance, they would be sold at the market everyday, because of their short span of availability they would go bad by the evening and not be fit to be sold.

These would be fed to the ducks on a daily basis.

Every two weeks or so, mother would tell the young boy to section off two ducks and begin to feed them sour milk and corn. Do this for 10 days as she planned to eat duck two weeks from that time.

Now as a young boy who would be out playing soccer or cricket, would often times forget to section the ducks and change their diet, by the fifth day he may remember and in a fit of fear rush to do so.

However by the tenth day, mother would cook the duck and realise the boy did not do as she said when she said it and proceed to discipline the child.
I say all of this to say this…

After listening to this lecture two days ago I have become ever more vigilant about the content I ingest. Becoming mindful of where my attention goes, attention is ultimately the only thing we can really control. What we decide to intake will eventually become the fabric of our being, the analogy made by Neville with ducks feeding on fish vs sour milk and corn is a great way to depict this concept.

These thoughts come to me as I sit in my Ugandan second home with my greatly religious extended family, 10 AM, first day of fasting, stepping into the family room with indian soap operas filling the TV screen. Draped with murder, adultery, manipulation and lies. 

Yesterday I discovered Jay-Z’s “The story of O.J”, laid on a foundation of broken vocals from our beloved Nina Simone, brief drum break exposures and the beloved (modifed) 808 snare. The content is definitley indicative of a father figure, I have had this on loop since I downloaded it yesterday. The discussion of said content will be further touched upon in my next post. For now you can have an insight to my current diet.

Oftentimes I find myself having to interact with people who spew nonsense, whether gossip at work or spiteful backbiting. It does no good for any of the participants, unfortunately though we are not always able to avoid these people. 

In addition being vegan for two years now, cooking your own food and being aware of everything that goes into what goes into me. Provides me a sense of security, other than the various health benefits. Eating fried foods now makes me feel sluggish, the thought of eating flesh I am now averted to. Changing my literal diet has changed my perception of the mind/body, food and cooking. I am a different person because of it.

I shall conclude with this, what the eye sees the mind perceives. What is contained in the mind is expressed in our lives.



First blog post

Started this blog because I realised a lot of other instagrammers were bloggers. It occured too often, and die to the liking I have taken to instagram in recent times and my desire to write whilst being away from home, decided to create a blog.

Definitely have a lot to say, so to whomever may be reading this please stay vigilant. Book mark this page, and take a look at the posts to come.

The anonnymity provided to the sensible internet user is the line between escapism and realism.









*The image you see above was taken in the hills of Mpigi, Uganda.*